Lets Talk about Love Languages

Recently I have been learning about Love Languages.

Have you ever wondered why the things you do for your partner are not always received with as much excitement as you might anticipate? Or why your partner doesn’t show love to you in the same way that you may show it to them?

Each of us have our own preferred way of giving and receiving Love. And not surprisingly, we do not often share the same preferred Love Language as our partner!

The book, The Five Love Languages, by Gary Chapman gives great insight into this topic. It certainly gave me some great understanding as to how to Love my fiance in the way he will feel most loved. And how to communicate to him, how he might do the same for me!

Check out this resource here

If you want to look a little further, this is a great tool for you to do that too…

The Five Love Languages Book Study {Link-up}

via Life With Amberly & Joe: Your Love Languages Can Shift.

I am very interested to know how many of you are aware of this topic and how important it is to you. I would love to share more insights into this area as I believe that having an awareness of Love Languages in your relationships will dramatically change the way you interact, communicate and LOVE! Who doesn’t want to know how to give and receive love in the best way possible?!


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