I Am “That Sinner”

Openness, vulnerability and experiencing God’s grace.

Forte E Bello

That moment… when after 29 years of living you realize the absolute miracle of grace… That moment when you truly understand for the first time what God meant when He said, “I make everything new.” That moment… when you look at yourself in the mirror and see a sinner, simultaneously forgiven, freed and loved. ….When you realize that before this day you never fully understood grace the way God intended. And you feel like you’ve just discovered the world’s best kept secret.

All I know to do is ask, “Do you know what you have when you have grace?” I ask because for 29 years I didn’t. I knew in theory. I knew the christianize and I knew all the words and scriptures repeated over. and over. But I never REALLY knew. I grew up the model child. Missionary kid. Straight A student. Volunteer in every organization and extra curricular activity I could…

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