Sick, injured and discouraged. How to tune it into positivity

Are you facing sickness or injury? Whether it may be short or long-term, you may be overwhelmed by frustration being out of routine, feeling your body change and not being able to control it. Feeling a sense of loss of what ‘used to be’ and your reality not lining up.

We know that feeling sorry for ourselves and eating for comfort, doing less of what we can to help our situation, can often be the easy option. But don’t let those feelings be the decider of your response.

Despite sickness and injury, you can still help yourself to be healthy. Eat good food: nourish yourself with nutrient rich foods that will give you energy and make you feel alive despite your lack of physical Activity. Eating more comfort foods, less fresh food and more processed junk will only make you feel heavier, more tired and most of all, send you spiralling on the downward with negative thoughts about yourself.

Choosing to take care of yourself when your body is not in it’s best state of health not only means eating well but filling your mind with positivity. If you often look at images of celebrities and fit people wishing you were them, this is not going to help your situation! Building yourself up and creating a positive state of mind will!!! Find things about yourself to celebrate.

Sometimes it takes removing things from our life in order to force us to search for other things we value. Had I not slowed down (due to injury), I would not have taken the time to seek inspiration for this blog- which I hope encourages you and your friends. Does my life look different now than before I was injured? YES! Does if change who I am? No. It just looks different and takes a little more work to pull out the value and worth that has always been there.

At the end of the day, we are not identified by how we look, how much we exercise or don’t, how fit or unfit we are. But how we carry ourselves through our circumstances determines our identity. What will you choose to place your value in through hardship? Lies or truth? False reality, or your reality?

Which response will you choose?

I hope this challenges and encourages you. For more advice or insight, visit my Facebook page, or email me at


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