Supporting our men to reclaim their health

We know our men want to do things for themselves, and we want to encourage them to make great decisions for their own health. Here’s an inspiring piece on how to do just that!

Nourish Holistic Health & Nutrition


Getting our husbands into healthy eating is no mean feat……I know this first hand. My husband was raised eating good wholesome healthy food but somewhere along the way he (and I) went off the rails a bit.  Scotty has always been super fit and skinny, never had to worry about what he ate….KFC, McD’s you name it never really phased him.  Then the 30’s came along and after a good 10 or so years of drinking and eating pretty crappy food things start to catch up on him!

For Scotty it all came to head when we renovated our old 1940’s Torbay cottage… we were bursting at the seams with three little boys and desperately needed more room.   He is a builder so he undertook a huge 6 month renovation at our house as well as working full time building. We had moved into my mum’s for the duration of…

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