Protecting Families from the Dangers of the Online World: INTRODUCING KIDSSAFE

My Dad has always been the family-oriented kind of guy. He is also very business minded and level headed. I love that he has chosen to channel his gifts to an area where there is such need. The internet surrounds us and for many of us, our lives are centred around internet use. This is only going to continue and therefore learning to orient ourselves (and our families) now and in the future safely on the net is essential. Here’s a little about Kidssafe and what my Dad has been up to. Watch out for him near your hometown soon! Or visit the website for more info here


Family friendly: Mike Mccaughan of KidsSafe is on a mission to help families keep their children safe on line.

Mike McCaughan is on a mission – arming parents with the right tools to keep their children safe in cyberspace.

He has stepped away from the daily involvement in his very successful IT and ISP business to run KidsSafe Community Trust.

“My wife and I have raised 3 children from the very beginning of the social media revolution through to adulthood,” he said.

He has set up KidsSafe Community Trust to help parents “put safe boundaries around their children online”.

We do 1 hour practical presentations for parents and students on being safe online. How to protect children on mobile devices ie phones/tablets. We speak about downloading and using Apps safely, and our “Stop it before it starts” cyber bullying campaign!!

Tablet and mobile phone security is huge issue, especially with an alarming increase of reported cybercrime using fake apps and malware. We know of incidents where within 1 minute of an app being downloaded, a child’s tablet was hijacked and private information was taken.

Sadly in NZ, there is an ever increasing number of teenagers either attempting suicide or committing suicide because of online bullying. Often parents feel “ill equipped” to deal with the emerging internet technologies, and many just want to understand how to keep their children safe online!!

This is why KidsSafe have provided New Zealand’s first managed router service for families – effectively a guard at the gate – giving families the same level of internet control and monitoring as many businesses. Mike has taken the idea from his other successful IT & ISP Business   “NZ Technology Group”, one of NZ’s leading protection providers to business.

“I’ve spent years helping businesses protect their assets and staff, now I am helping families protect their biggest assets – their children,” he said.

Many parents are unable to monitor the technology in their own homes, but this puts their children at risk from pornography,   cyber bullying and children being tracked by online predators.

Mike is passionate about giving parents advice and confidence – to help their children develop a positive online identity, and to be in charge of it.

He encourages positive parenting where parents have regular talks with their children and not allow the youngsters to have a secret world apart from their family.

He encouraged parents to have all devices switched off and put on Mum or Dad’s dresser at bedtime.

“A lot of bad stuff happens at night – a lot of people are horrified to learn their son or daughter has gone out the window for a sexual liaison after getting a text in the middle of the night while the parents are sleeping.”

One parent discovered that a 16-year-old boy was sending messages to her nine-year-old daughter, grooming her for sex.

Other parent s had contacted him for help after receiving credit card bills for hundreds of dollars’ worth of purchases by their youngsters during online gaming.

He set up KidsSafe Community Trust last year and has been visiting different regions around the country to promote “Positive parenting your children online”.

Visit the website by clicking here or email for direct contact kidssafe


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