Why Forgiveness is Vital to Life

I would like to begin by saying that I understand that this may be a sensitive subject and my intent is to approach it with love and compassion. My desire is that I may offer some sort of encouragement to finding freedom from hurt and pain which we all experience in some capacity. 
We all have our hurts, pain and for some of us devastation from our past, recently or from many years ago. It can be so easy to hold on to feelings of pain; try to understand why such things have come our way, or mull over how that person could possibly have done those things to us. In the process of holding on and trying to understand, we build up bitterness and resentment toward others in the process

Bitterness and resentment act like a poison that slowly releases inside of us. When we allow it to take residence in our hearts, our minds become toxic too which in turn poisons our thoughts and emotions. When our thoughts and emotions are not healthy, we cannot live fully. We close ourselves off and often end up hurting others in the process. 

But somehow, it’s easier to live in this place. It becomes comfortable, safe. It becomes home. 

Sound familiar?
What’s more difficult, is to allow ourselves to forgive and move forward. 


Why should we do this? Not because it will make things right or we will get justice for what has happened in our lives. We need to let go because it sets us free. 

Wherever you are right now in life, I believe there is always a greater freedom to find and a more fulfilling life to live. Don’t you want to live fully? I know I do! 

It is a constant daily battle for me to look inside and forgive those who have hurt me. To CHOOSE to let go before the sun goes down instead of allowing hurt to settle in my heart. Here’s the thing, it’s a choice. And a difficult one at that. 

So how do you know when you have let go?

When you look back on the things that have hurt you and remember them, without feeling the pain that was once associated with those experiences and/or people, you can be sure you have let go.
What’s more, is that when you use your past as a place of reference, you will become a source of light and hope for others who may be experiencing pain and hurt in their current situations. You can help them find freedom too.

I want to say again that I understand this may be a sensitive subject for some of you, and please know I do not pretend to have experienced the same pain as you. But what I do know is that there is freedom for all of us when we choose to let go.

If you are struggling to let go of pain in your life, you are OK. Some things take longer than others to heal from. But I encourage you, that even small steps toward your healing are important. Seek out someone you trust to walk alongside you and encourage you to forgive, let go and experience freedom for your life. 

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