Trace, Face and Replace- a Tool for Overcoming Lies in Your Life!

Trace face and replace

I have had the pleasure of working with young people in my life and especially over the last two years with #247youthwork. On this journey I have learnt many tools that have been so valuable in shaping my own character.

I would love to share this particular tool I have learnt, because I believe it is something that EVERYBODY can use. No matter what age or stage, gender or space of life you are in. The reality is, we all have things that we carry with us. We all have “sore” spots. Unfortunately these things are often represented in a negative way. We respond to certain situations with anger, or resentment, frustration or we hide from things, because of what they represent.

Using this simple tool, “trace, face and replace” allows us to look at these bruises in our lives and to move forward. I am not saying that healing comes quickly by using this tool. But I AM saying it is a great start to recognise where things have come from, to accept them, and to replace misbeliefs in our lives with TRUTH, that will lead to greater positive living and the lifting of burdens in our lives.

So HOW do we “trace, face and REPLACE?”

STEP 1. TRACE: this simply means, trace the belief you are holding back to when it happened. An example of some beliefs we may be carrying with us that are UNTRUE include: “I’m never going to live up to anybody’s expectations, so why bother trying”; “I have been so hurt, so I will be hurt again”; “They won’t accept/love me for who I really am”.

Now have a think, was there a specific thing that was said to you that made you believe this? Have you encountered a painful experience and believed a lie as a result? Or did you start believing something at a specific time in your life? Take a few moments to really figure out where this belief came from…

STEP 2. Once you have traced it, FACE IT. Accept that it happened and that you cannot change that, feel the pain that comes with that too! Sometimes the best way we can allow ourselves to move forward from a painful experience is to allow ourselves to feel the pain. We often hide from these things and sweep them under the mat in our lives to avoid the uncomfort of having to deal with them. The problem with this is, THE LIE IS STILL THERE and we are living with it daily whether we realise it or not. FACING where this belief came from is an incredibly important part of allowing yourself to heal. The people in your life will appreciate you taking this step too!

STEP 3. And lastly, REPLACE it! If this thing you have been holding onto has been holding you back, what is something truthful you can replace this with that will help you move forward? For example, if the lie you have been believing is that “you are never going to live up to other people’s expectations” (something I have personally struggled with- so I’ll use it as an example), then something truthful you need to tell yourself could be, “I am more than adequate with who I am and what I bring, regardless of other people’s expectations of me”.

It can be helpful to get someone else to help with this process, as seeing it from an outside perspective can help bring clarity!

I completely respect that this isn’t an easy process. And I, by no means take this lightly. If you would like to clarify anything I have written in this post, please feel free to get in contact with me. I would be happy to support you through this process or answer any questions you may have.

Finally, the beauty of journeying with others is that we get to do this together. So, if you feel comfortable. Please share your experiences and how “trace, face and replace” HAS HELPED YOU to move forward in your journey!